Pack my bags and leaving town…


It’s Friday and I’m as always on my way to work! After work I’m leaving town for a few days to be with my best friend/almost sister Lovisa for the weekend in Skövde! I’m gonna try writing on the book while I’m on the bus to Lovisa! Last night I made a vegetarian  taco pie! Yum! Served of course with a green salad and crème fraîche!


Later on last night was spent trying to make a writing schedule and drinking the Swedish Christmas tradition drink, mulled wine and eating clementines! Cozy! As you see on the picture below, WHERE DID ALL THIS SNOW COME FROM??! So sad, I hate snow!! I want the summer to comeback!

Have a great day everyone!


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Wednesday morning!


Good morning world!

On my way to work, later tonight I’m gonna try to write on the book, the first deadline isn’t so far away!! Today my first food delivery arrives!! For all the swedes I can recommend you to do your food shopping on they deliver to your door and it’s simple and you can be at home food shopping!

Have a great day everyone!


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Lifestyle beauty!


Good morning!

Todays schedule is full of fun!!

I’m on my way for a meeting at the city hall and afterwards I’m having a phone meeting with the publisher about my upcoming book! Fun! After that, another phone meeting with my business coach and the company I’m involved in! Later today it’s time for work until 9. A long day ahead!

Tomorrow it’s finally time for me to go back to the gym and live a more healthier lifestyle again! I know that I probably won’t be this excited a few days in but for now I am!

I don’t know if you guys remember but two years ago I started a company and a campaign against how model agencies treat people and their models,  I was dropped from a model agancy because a weight 3 kilos to much according to them… that sick! I haven’t talked about it but it’s something that have been hunting me since! I wanna warn people that wanna do modeling! It’s a sick business as it is now and I won’t stop until it have changed!! Together we can make a change and let go of the obsession of weight in the world of models! You can look good anyway! You’re not modeling your weight your modeling your look!

Have a great day now folks!

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Way back Wednesday!


So it’s way back Wednesday today so this is a picture from the trip to Italy together with my best friend My! She doesn’t know I showed the world this picture but haha she’ll know it soon 😉

we look soo cute and so much as tourists! We have done so much cash and fun things! Last night I also talked with my other sister from another mother Lovisa, we can’t believe that we have been friends for 15 years next year!! Crazy!! We grow up together and we live many miles apart but we’re still like siblings! Love my sis!

I’m on my way to work by the moment and later tonight there’s more work, some writing on the book and some phone meetings! Love my work! I hope to give you guys a release date soon! Thank you for everyone’s support since the announcement of my debut book!

Have an amazing day today!!

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I’m on my way to work and I thought that I whould write on the blog! So last night I I was supposed to write on the book but it didn’t happen, maybe tomorrow! Not tonight because I’m off work around nine actually! But I like my job!

Last night I made nachos which is easy and yummy! Don’t ya think??

This morning I also finished the schedule for the unicef day at IKEA on Saturday! It’s a pleasure to be the one to lead the group!

Have a great day everyone!


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Christmas has moved in!


Well, as the title says christmas has moved in! For the first time in many years I’ve got some sort of christmas feeling and wanted to decorate with a Star in the window and a christmas flower while listening to som christmas music. Today I also begun to buy all the christmas gifts! Spending the afternoon with my grandma and we ate a shrimp salad at our favourite café. yum!! What’s next for today? well.. I’m going to write a bit on the book and maybe watch an episode of Outlander. Perfect ending for this weekend, I’m totally ready for a new work week!  How’s everyone else’s weekend been?

Have a great sunday everyone!


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Netflix and tea!


Just sitting in my sofa cozed up with some blankets and aa cup of tea and Netflix streaming! Great saturday huh? How’s everyone else spending their saturday? I’m later today off to see my mom and my grandma’s choir have their big concert in the concert hall! Fun fun fun! I’m so proud of my mother!

Watching Outlander on Netflix…weren’t suppose to watch that show but somehow I ended up watching it and after 1 episode I was stuck…. It’s a great series! I also wanted to say thank you to  all the nice words i’ve got since the announcement yesterday morning! Looking forward to share my book with you guys!

Hope you all have a great saturday! and enjoying the weekend, for me it’s time to write on the book!

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So I told you guys yesterday that I have some news to announce!

It have been one of my many dreams to do this and after 6 years on the blog I think this is one step in my career! I was so happy when I got the question and first time they asked I said No but now for the second time I said Yes!

So in the fall of 2017 I’ll be releasing my debut BOOK!! It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m excited to see what you think of the book!

Its still unbelievable but I’m as I said really excited! And it’s all because of you guys!! Thank you!

Have a great Friday everyone! I know I will!

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Good morning!!

I’m on my way to work, I’ve worked a lot this week and there is more to come but I’m free this weekend! I have some huge news to announce!! Tomorrow is the day! Save the date and stay tuned on my blog or on my twitter! You don’t wanna miss it!

Have a great day everyone!!


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