Way back Wednesday!


So it’s way back Wednesday today so this is a picture from the trip to Italy together with my best friend My! She doesn’t know I showed the world this picture but haha she’ll know it soon 😉

we look soo cute and so much as tourists! We have done so much cash and fun things! Last night I also talked with my other sister from another mother Lovisa, we can’t believe that we have been friends for 15 years next year!! Crazy!! We grow up together and we live many miles apart but we’re still like siblings! Love my sis!

I’m on my way to work by the moment and later tonight there’s more work, some writing on the book and some phone meetings! Love my work! I hope to give you guys a release date soon! Thank you for everyone’s support since the announcement of my debut book!

Have an amazing day today!!



So I told you guys yesterday that I have some news to announce!

It have been one of my many dreams to do this and after 6 years on the blog I think this is one step in my career! I was so happy when I got the question and first time they asked I said No but now for the second time I said Yes!

So in the fall of 2017 I’ll be releasing my debut BOOK!! It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m excited to see what you think of the book!

Its still unbelievable but I’m as I said really excited! And it’s all because of you guys!! Thank you!

Have a great Friday everyone! I know I will!



Good morning!!

I’m on my way to work, I’ve worked a lot this week and there is more to come but I’m free this weekend! I have some huge news to announce!! Tomorrow is the day! Save the date and stay tuned on my blog or on my twitter! You don’t wanna miss it!

Have a great day everyone!!



Fil 2016-11-12 13 12 04

Its saturday and I’m off work! Last night I went on a After Work with my new colleagues! It was fun! i came home around 2am and now I’m on my way to my grandma! Later today We’ll go on a play Which will be super fun! We booked our tickets long time ago so it exiting!

There is no secret that I love filters on my photos but today I took some selfies and had a little fun with all filters but I really liked how two of the photos turned out!


Today is one of those days that you feel like everything is on spot! The hair, clothes and photos haha!

I’m also so pleased and overwhelmed over all the wonderful comments about my thoughts of the US election! You guys are the reason I continue to write! Thank you!

I hope everyone will have a great day, I know I will!

Unicef, new job and food

Fil 2016-10-24 22 20 45

HI Guys!

So Today has been a busy day! First of all I held two lectures about Unicef for a large group of teenagers which went really good and I had to take a selfie in a very dirty mirror, sorry for that haha! I aso need a haircut!

Today was also my first day at my new job at Telia! fun fun fun! I think the first day went great! I’ve been celebrating my new job before I started to cook dinner!

Fil 2016-10-24 22 23 44
Fil 2016-10-24 22 23 27So due to my new work and me working all day long I decided to make the lunches for the week and I made a  total vegan spaghetti bolognese made with Qourn, sugar snaps and haricoverts. I took some picture of the cooking and I love cooking so be prepared for many recipies and pictures of me cooking on the blog.

Fil 2016-10-24 22 21 14


Fil 2016-10-24 22 22 03                 Fil 2016-10-24 22 22 21


This is the result of me doing som late night cooking, I’m actually very happy with the result and I hope it taste as good tomorrow as it did today!

Have a great night everyone!
Fil 2016-10-24 22 22 50


On the road again…


Its ts Saturday and I’m on a train to Stockholm to spend the weekend with unicef! Fun fun fun!!

I had a few tasks to do last night but I made it and I actually got some sleep too haha! Well these interesting pictures are from two days ago I think when I where bored haha!

I’m now listen to music thinking of maybe watch a episode of “The bold and the beautiful” haha yes I’ve felt in the hole of soap operas!

Thw white long armed shirt is from Pull & Bear!

Today’s outfit; whit t-shirt from J. lindeberg and my Lexington jacket and my jeans from Lee and my new shoes! Pictures will come!

Have a great weekend everyone and take care of one and other!




So at the moment I’m enjoying a cup of tea and packing for a weekend with Unicef Sweden in stockholm this weekend. This week has been so intensive with so much work and drama… yes you read right.. drama! first of all before I tell you all about it, I have been working day and night the past week and I’m a bit tired but looking forward to spend the weekend together with Unicef Sweden and all their local chairmans including me!

Well back to the drama then… Well a few weeks ago I decided to step down as Youth Kids International’s chairman because of a few reasons and my previous boss and my recent employee… yes I was elected as the chair man and there by her boss and she wasn’t happy with my position or my departure for some reason and we got in a discussion when it was announced. This wednesday she CAME TO MY HOMETOWN and wanted to talk to me… so I thought well… she may want to make sure that it wasn’t any bad feelings over what just happened but…. NO! Instead she came to sit down and hurt me.. for almost 2 hours I just sat there listening to her blaming me and throwing shit at me but then I decided that it was enough so I told her my story and she wanted me to be honest while I told her what she did wrong and when I was Honest she was angry and started to throw more shit at me.. I was so mad by then that  in other words told her to go to hell… It was enough and it was my turn to say how I felt and I did NOT hold back then I rushed out from the restaurant and I felt like crap and wanted to cry and scream…

So why did I write about this which wasn’t my proudest or professional moment? Well… I wanted to warn you about bosses whom may trick you into doing stuff and start using you. PLEASE be observative and if you think you´re getting used, get out of there, leave the situation! YOU deserve better!!

So I should pack my bags because the train leaves at nine but instead I decided to do some work and post something here on the blog and answer some emails… while watching episodes of The bold and the beautiful!

the picture below is the food from the restaurant where I meet up with my previous boss!


Sleep tight an have a great weekend everyone!


When life gives you lemons…

Fil 2016-10-04 11 01 41


Started of this day on the phone with my friend My while eating breakfast. Today is a work day and I’m going to work from home but I will also go to the elder center to work for e few hours later to help. I get many questions about me working at a elder center and I decided to write about that! As you guys know I’m a assistant nurse and while working with what I want as a entrepreneur I also wanted to work as a assistant nurse at a elder center, so that I could give back to the elder. so that’s it!

I made a vegan dip and fries this week, It’s a great snack! I used Oatly’s products for the dip!

So yesterday I cleaned my apartment a bit and did some work and went to some meetings, good meetings for sure! I also tried to make a plan for my future projects and so on. I can also announce to my swedish readers that i’m coming to youtube! some of you may have figured out already due to my twitter post a few days ago and now its official! exiting and a bit scary due to that I never done youtube before! but after 6 years of blogging I decided to start a youtube channel and do some Vlogging! Do you guys want me to start a Vlogg in english too? tell me!!

Have a great day everyone and take care of each other!

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Presidential debate night…

Fil 2016-09-27 09 40 25

Goodmorning world!

I’m sitting in my couch drinking coffee and watching the first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. some of you already know that I have an interest in politics and i’ve also done some work in politics in sweden that I won’t talk about on the blog or probably ever. I’ve followed the american presidential campaigns since they started and I don’t know if you remember but I wrote an article about the presidential race on expanderad.se earlier this year.

What am I up to today?

Well.. as you know I started a course yesterday and I’m going to look through some documents about the course and then I’m going on a coffee tour… haha! I’m going to meet Joakim in the city to talk a coffee and then I’m actually going to meet my grandma later on for a coffee as well! I can also say that i’m  REALLY SOON can tell you about something i’ve been working on! stay tuned as always!

So I made a Fettuccine pasta-dish with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, The result on the picture below!

Have a great day everyone!

Fil 2016-09-27 09 40 44

Writing and packing!


Good morning!

I’m up and already on the way to my parents house where my office is set for today! Gonna spend my morning with the puppy and do some writing. It’s writing day, gonna try to finish a few parts.

Later on today after lunch I’ll have to do some last minute shopping and pack my bags because on Monday in off to Corfu!! Finally my well deserved vacation is finally here!! I only have one meeting tomorrow then I’m officially on vacation! A five star hotel all inclusive for a week… Well deserved!

Have a great day everyone!