Hi peepz!

Today has been all about work at the office but it was fun! I have such a amazing job! after work I met my mom and had dinner with her which was so much fun, my mom is so wonderful and so important for me! I’ve also decided that I’m going back to witting in Swedish, I will keep the english blog running to but I’ve decided together with my amazing PR, Simon! I won’t let you guys down but I have to keep up with my swedish readers and especially when my book will hit the stores later this year. So this is a step in my career so It won’t be the last time i write on this blog! and feel free to follow my swedish blog too!! When it’s all done I’ll link it here! Thank you for your support!



Writers cramp…


Happy Sunday everyone!! I´ve been away from the blog for a while and I’m really sorry for that but haven’t had the motivation to write after I got some really mean comments but I won’t give up! I’m back where I wanna be! It’s been a couple of intense weeks with my new job which I love! So much going on in my life that I wanna tell you but It have to wait a bit longer! So today will be all about walking around in sweats and writing on the book! what will you do this sunday? I may have to break for a walk later on! I’m now gonna refill my cup with some coffee and continue to write.

Have a great day everyone!



Good morning!

I’m on my way to Stockholm for a two days conference to represent Linköping city on a national conference. Right away afterwards I’m off to another place I Stockholm for a conference and education with unicef sweden! Fun days upon! Been working a lot these days. I’m on the train by the moment and I have read all my chronicles that I wrote for expanderad.se last year, the newspaper is shutting down so I went down memory lane, I left the newspaper in may 2016.

The picture is form last Friday when I ate lunch with Jocke at “Hälsofreak” great vegetarian food!

Have a great day now everyone!

Over and out!



Just had some breakfast and I’m now on my way to work! There isn’t many days left now! On Monday I’m starting my new job at the city hall!! I’ve had so much to do lately and I haven’t felt that good since Monday but I’m better today! Tonight it’s time to write on the book! First deadline on Sunday!

Have a great day everyone!


2016: Summary, part 3; The final countdown!








This is the final countdown, the last part of my 2016 summary! This year I also became the youngest chairman of Youth Kids International in history! I’ve worked with this organization for 3 years and at the 2016 annual meeting I got elected as the chairman of the board. A job I just thought of but never actually saw me in! My period as the chairman was short just 4 months later I stepped down as the chairman due to the differences on the board and the internal fights I had to handle all the time. I didn’t feel appreciated.


So after a long time of thinking I stepped down as the chairman a decision I was proud of! I haven’t regretted it and my work for everyone’s rights will continue in different ways!


This year I also traveled to Corfu, Greece! Wonderful island and I will definitely be back again! The hotel was amazing and we had all inclusive so that was nice!


So with this picture below with the champagne in the sun at Corfu I’ll wish you all a Happy new Year!


2016: summary, part 2


This is my part 2 of the summary of the year! This year has also been filled with happiness and joy. Much have happened, I got a cat whom sadly past away in August. Calvin the cat, never forgotten! It was hard just choosing one picture of home but this picture below is one of my favorites!


This year the blog turned 6 years old… wow what time flies by! The blog and I was honored a big interview in a newspaper. Th pictures below is tak n by the newspapers photographer Johnny Gustavsson! It was a pleasure posing for the newspaper! I couldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for you guys, all my wonderful and amazing readers/followers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! More exciting years to come!

IMG_4160 IMG_4161

One other amazing event this year was my graduation to be come a assistant nurse and of course the ball! Together with my amazing and most wonderful friend we danced at the ball! After many weeks of practice we made it! The picture below shows how amazing I and My looked that day! Sometime I wish I could turne back time again!


The third and last part of this years summary will be up soon!

2016: Summary, Part 1


So this is the last days of 2016, This is the first part of 3 where I will write about my 2016 before we call in the new Year! Well it have been an intensive year with not only good stuff but also some serious stuff, a lot of work and many fun memories too! I moved to a new apartment in the city, where in a commercial had a photoshoot for a french magazine and had some chronicles in a newspaper and started off my new hobby cooking.


So this year my personal career took another turn I starred in a commercial about a ecological lifestyle. Which was super fun, and super important! As I said I also had a fun time shooting some new press pictures and had a photoshoot for a french magazine! The picture is taken by the great photographer Eddie Andersson whom I’m proud to call my friend! He’s one of those whom will appear on my thank you list.


I also started to share my passion for interior design and decoration with the world, my passion that will grow more during 2017. When you have an apartment you can change the interior MANY times, believe me during the past year i’ve been living here I have redecorated to many times… haha!


As you all know I’m a vegetarian soon to be Vegan and this year during my time as a chronicle writer for expanderad.se I decided to also start sharing my recipiece and food with the world. It’s a fun world of cooking and especially vegetarian food. This is something I will take with me in to the new year and expand and you’ll see the result of it! I can not tell you guys what I’m going to do during 2017 yet but soon you’ll see!

I also quitted 2 of my jobs and in january I’ll start a new adventure as I told you guys yesterday!  There are so many people I wanna thank for making my 2016 memorable, I’ll try to thank everyone in this summary but know you who you are and If you feel like you had a part of my 2016, thank you!


Stay tuned for part 2!




So, last night where suppose to be all fun with a special meeting with the unicef group which was super fun! then I went home with a headache as I’m used to by now, while at home i started to feel a bit dizzy and then i had such a headache that I couldn’t do anything so my parents came and drow me to the hospital where we spent the whole evening… They gave me some medications and I could go home and rest. I hope that the meeting with the doctor next week will have a solution or a plan to make my headache disappear.

So no work for me today… Hope everyone else has a better day than me!

Wednesday morning!


Good morning world!

On my way to work, later tonight I’m gonna try to write on the book, the first deadline isn’t so far away!! Today my first food delivery arrives!! For all the swedes I can recommend you to do your food shopping on MatHem.se they deliver to your door and it’s simple and you can be at home food shopping!

Have a great day everyone!


Lifestyle beauty!


Good morning!

Todays schedule is full of fun!!

I’m on my way for a meeting at the city hall and afterwards I’m having a phone meeting with the publisher about my upcoming book! Fun! After that, another phone meeting with my business coach and the company I’m involved in! Later today it’s time for work until 9. A long day ahead!

Tomorrow it’s finally time for me to go back to the gym and live a more healthier lifestyle again! I know that I probably won’t be this excited a few days in but for now I am!

I don’t know if you guys remember but two years ago I started a company and a campaign against how model agencies treat people and their models,  I was dropped from a model agancy because a weight 3 kilos to much according to them… that sick! I haven’t talked about it but it’s something that have been hunting me since! I wanna warn people that wanna do modeling! It’s a sick business as it is now and I won’t stop until it have changed!! Together we can make a change and let go of the obsession of weight in the world of models! You can look good anyway! You’re not modeling your weight your modeling your look!

Have a great day now folks!