2016: Summary, Part 1


So this is the last days of 2016, This is the first part of 3 where I will write about my 2016 before we call in the new Year! Well it have been an intensive year with not only good stuff but also some serious stuff, a lot of work and many fun memories too! I moved to a new apartment in the city, where in a commercial had a photoshoot for a french magazine and had some chronicles in a newspaper and started off my new hobby cooking.


So this year my personal career took another turn I starred in a commercial about a ecological lifestyle. Which was super fun, and super important! As I said I also had a fun time shooting some new press pictures and had a photoshoot for a french magazine! The picture is taken by the great photographer Eddie Andersson whom I’m proud to call my friend! He’s one of those whom will appear on my thank you list.


I also started to share my passion for interior design and decoration with the world, my passion that will grow more during 2017. When you have an apartment you can change the interior MANY times, believe me during the past year i’ve been living here I have redecorated to many times… haha!


As you all know I’m a vegetarian soon to be Vegan and this year during my time as a chronicle writer for expanderad.se I decided to also start sharing my recipiece and food with the world. It’s a fun world of cooking and especially vegetarian food. This is something I will take with me in to the new year and expand and you’ll see the result of it! I can not tell you guys what I’m going to do during 2017 yet but soon you’ll see!

I also quitted 2 of my jobs and in january I’ll start a new adventure as I told you guys yesterday!  There are so many people I wanna thank for making my 2016 memorable, I’ll try to thank everyone in this summary but know you who you are and If you feel like you had a part of my 2016, thank you!


Stay tuned for part 2!




Good morning everyone!

The christmas is almost over now and I’m on my way to work, only 3 weeks left at Telia! On the 16th of January I’ll start working for the city council! I’ll be working with questions regarding the youths of the city for one and a half year! Fun fun fun!

So how was my Christmas? Well it was super fun an cozy! Spent it with my family and I had the best time! Got a lot of lovely gifts and the best thing was to spend it together with my family this year! I have been working during Christmas for the past 3 years!

Im currently working on a New Years summary of 2016 that I will post in 3 parts until New Year’s Eve! I will also write about what I want 2017 to be filled with! First part will be out tomorrow! Have a great night everyone!


Some sort of famliy day!


It’s saturday night and I’m watching “The Good Wife” which is a great series btw! Today have been all about family time! started the day by doing some christmas shopping with my grandma and my sister which was fun! The we spent the day with the family and my grandma her brother with family and my great grandma at her place which was fun until we started talk about politics… well I don’t know why we always has to talk about political matters… We have NEVER and I mean never agreed to anything, there’s a BIG difference on which side we’re on in the political line so WHY shall we always talk political matters? So I have decided to make a “comeback” politically and start getting my voice heard again!

Last night I catched a movie that I thought was the movie “The backup plan” but it was “the 10 years plan” which is not the one starring Jennifer Lopez… but still it wasn’t a bad movie though!

I’m going to continue watch “The Good Wife” now and maybe write a page or two on the book, deadline is coming!


Too early…


Good morning everyone!

The clock isn’t even right in the morning and I’m off to work… it’s been awhile since I had to go up this early and I wasn’t happy about it haha!

Been away from the blog for a few days! I haven’t had the time and had to focus on work and my health! So what have I’ve been up too? Well some of you may know that I’m currently working for Telia Company but yesterday I quit my job I have My boss notice of me leaving! I got a new job offer that I said yes to! I can’t tell you yet but soon!


Spent the whole Sunday at my parents and my siblings and of course our wonderful dog!! Isn’t she cute??

I’ve also been writing on the book it feels great and I think I’m somewhere around the deadline haha! Tonight I’m going on Newports VIP event! Fun fun fun!

Have a great day everyone!




I’m on my way in to the city for a coffee with Emelie at the moment! What have I’ve been up to this morning? Well, I’m working late today and I woke up to the wonderful news that Fuller House is up on Netflix and yes I haven’t got so many episode left… totally watchable!

Had a quick lunch just before I had to run to the bus! I’ve also been writing on the book… well I’m still super excited to share this with you guys!!


I have to talk about this beauty! My dog.. corrections my family’s dog Juni isn’t she cute??? Love that crazy dog and had a blast watching her yesterday!

My head still hurts extremely but I’m up and running for sure! Tomorrow it’s Saturday and for me it means writing day! This weekend my best friend My is home so o have to spend some well needed time with her too!!

Have a great day everyone!




So, last night where suppose to be all fun with a special meeting with the unicef group which was super fun! then I went home with a headache as I’m used to by now, while at home i started to feel a bit dizzy and then i had such a headache that I couldn’t do anything so my parents came and drow me to the hospital where we spent the whole evening… They gave me some medications and I could go home and rest. I hope that the meeting with the doctor next week will have a solution or a plan to make my headache disappear.

So no work for me today… Hope everyone else has a better day than me!

5th of December


Good morning!

This weekend has been amazing! Spent the weekend together with my best friend Lovisa!! We spent a day in the stable together with her horse, we also went horseback riding in the woods! Fun fun!! I do totally miss those years when it was me and the horses! I wanna do it again!

I have also had some time to write on the book, the first deadline is coming up! Now I’m on my way to work but later tonight I’m off to celebrate every amazing volunteer in Linköping! It’s an honor to be the chairman of unicef Linköping and to be apart of this amazing volunteer work for that everybody does is such a blessing! So grateful that their are so many people fighting for everyone’s rights!

Have a great day everyone!

Pack my bags and leaving town…


It’s Friday and I’m as always on my way to work! After work I’m leaving town for a few days to be with my best friend/almost sister Lovisa for the weekend in Skövde! I’m gonna try writing on the book while I’m on the bus to Lovisa! Last night I made a vegetarian  taco pie! Yum! Served of course with a green salad and crème fraîche!


Later on last night was spent trying to make a writing schedule and drinking the Swedish Christmas tradition drink, mulled wine and eating clementines! Cozy! As you see on the picture below, WHERE DID ALL THIS SNOW COME FROM??! So sad, I hate snow!! I want the summer to comeback!

Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday morning!


Good morning world!

On my way to work, later tonight I’m gonna try to write on the book, the first deadline isn’t so far away!! Today my first food delivery arrives!! For all the swedes I can recommend you to do your food shopping on MatHem.se they deliver to your door and it’s simple and you can be at home food shopping!

Have a great day everyone!