Sunday night!


This weekend has been great and well deserved! Started off with vegan nachos! Then I spent the whole Saturday writing, watching tv and just took it easy! Today has been all about shopping and meditation, I’ve said to myself to start a new lifestyle for me with finding myself. I’ve lived a stressful life these past years and I think that’s finally showing off in a bad way. I will now focus upon myself and what I like to do. To feel better and live better. So I made myself a smoothie and meditated almost the whole afternoon, totally worth it I promise!


So I made a pesto pasta with fresh pasta, which was amazing!

Today I bought 3 pare of jeans and some socks and a shirt tomorrow a new week with new possibilities! So I’m ending this week with popcorn,  watcher and “This is us”.

Have a great night everyone!

IMG_1905 IMG_1906

2016: Summary, part 3; The final countdown!








This is the final countdown, the last part of my 2016 summary! This year I also became the youngest chairman of Youth Kids International in history! I’ve worked with this organization for 3 years and at the 2016 annual meeting I got elected as the chairman of the board. A job I just thought of but never actually saw me in! My period as the chairman was short just 4 months later I stepped down as the chairman due to the differences on the board and the internal fights I had to handle all the time. I didn’t feel appreciated.


So after a long time of thinking I stepped down as the chairman a decision I was proud of! I haven’t regretted it and my work for everyone’s rights will continue in different ways!


This year I also traveled to Corfu, Greece! Wonderful island and I will definitely be back again! The hotel was amazing and we had all inclusive so that was nice!


So with this picture below with the champagne in the sun at Corfu I’ll wish you all a Happy new Year!




So, last night where suppose to be all fun with a special meeting with the unicef group which was super fun! then I went home with a headache as I’m used to by now, while at home i started to feel a bit dizzy and then i had such a headache that I couldn’t do anything so my parents came and drow me to the hospital where we spent the whole evening… They gave me some medications and I could go home and rest. I hope that the meeting with the doctor next week will have a solution or a plan to make my headache disappear.

So no work for me today… Hope everyone else has a better day than me!



Good morning!

Its Monday and it means work! I’m now on my way to work! But what have I done this weekend? I helped my grandma put up her new interiors! Yesterday I had a day for myself, I went on a 2 hour long walk while listening to a great sound book about mental training to be in my mind so that I can make some bigger decisions! It may seem weird but it’s a 100% effective! I started looking at the decisions in different perspectives. It’s a part of my new more aware lifestyle.

Of course did I take some pictures on the walk. I walked around my pretty new neighborhood and it’s beautiful nature. A person told me that to succeed of self awareness and to go in to your mind you have to spend time in nature to connect with the earth. I think she was right! I didn’t just started to see things in different perspectives I also got more energy and a feeling of “I needed this!” Have you guys had a moment like that?

So today is a special day too! It’s My grandma’s mom’s birthday today! Congratulations!!

I will soon tell you guys about some new projects! Yay!

Hope ya’ll have a great day!

I thought that I had to take a picture of a philosophical me while I was sitting in the sun yesterday! Haha!

Remember: “Dream big, take action, succeed”





Good things comes in two!

Fil 2016-03-09 12 51 55

Still sick so I created a home office in bed so I can still do some work and maybe watch some series and movies haha! Maybe continuing the bench watching of Revenge!

At the moment I’m talking to my friend Lovisa on the phone, so much fun and she’s coming to visit me this weekend!! So much fun!

I’m trying to decide if I am going to start up the Swedish blog again due to the reactions from the Swedish readers these past weeks! I don’t know I have to see what my possibilities are!

I took an fancy “I am sick but still trying to look god”- picture to get better… Did not succeed haha! Lying in bed writing and thinking of redecorating my apartment… hmm… any crazy ideas?? All the crazy thoughts of doing things comes when you’re sick… maybe some good ideas too like when I get better I’m going to start running! I have thought about start running for a while and when I got sick I also got SO motivated so watch out! Haha!!

Fil 2016-03-09 12 51 37

Have an awesome day everyone!

Good morning!


Good morning!

I’ve been away from the blog for a while but I have my reasons! I haven’t felt well these past weeks but now I’m back to write and to make business as  usual! Last night I had a doctors appointment and then a phone meeting and my writing session as every week and if you can read Swedish this weeks chronicle is out today on

I haven’t slept well at all this night but I’m on my way to work! I have exiting news to tell you guys later on!! Stay tuned!!

Have a great day everyone!!


So sleepy!!


So this past week has been filled with thoughts and doctors appointment and these past 24 hours has been painful and hard I went to the emergency room and they kept me to run some tests and different scans.

Well I’m really tired of the hospital and tonight I got to choose if I wanted to stay at the hospital or go home and I choose to go home but I’ll have to be back early tomorrow morning to do some final tests and a scan! But I feel much better now!

The picure above is showing my outfit from last night haha and the picture down below is from the hospital when I was bored and thought to myself that taking ugly face selfies was fun… Well….

Now I’m super tired and I’m going to bed now! I’ll write more soon and that time with more fun things to write about!

Good night!







Hi guys! It’s Tuesday and for me it means a visit at the hospital for a small procedure in my shoulder due to the accident at work in July! I’m super scared!!!

And tomorrow I’m home for recovering and on Fridays I get the keys to my new apartment!!! That’s super fun!!!!

See you you guys soon again!  Have a great day!




Today was okay! Did some work and then I decided to have some alone time or “Me” time and I spent it at my hairdresser! She’s amazing! I’m super happy about what she did to my hair! Couldn’t be better!!

Now I’m on my way to the hospital… Take it easy I’m okay! It’s just my shoulder that’s hurting since the accident this summer! But I will be okay one day!! I’m actually meeting my friend Joakim who’s going to join me at the hospital!

Well I need to hurry now so see ya’ soon again!

I’m baack!


Hi guys!

I’m back on the English blog! After been writing on the Swedish blog since the end of August I decided to go back to this blog!

How life treating me?

Well… I’ve been working much as always and big things/projects to come! Yes but I won’t tell you yet you’ll see it soon!

I have also started my way to fitness and I will write much about that on the blog! I’m at the gym almost everyday at least 4-5times a week! Health and fitness are really important!

By the moment I’m reading different magazines and doing research for work but it’s also kinda fun! Win-win situation!

I’m also trying to get peace with the thought that I’m going to work tomorrow even though it’s Saturday!

The picture is from a few days ago when I spent around 30 minutes styling my hair and then got to sleep just an hour later…. Typical me and my crazy ideas!

The 15th of January I’m moving in to my new apartment!!! YAY SO EXCITED!!!

Of course I’ve been doing som pre-shopping for the apartment and yes much of the interiors are from Lexington and Newport! Love those stores!

I’m now going to continue reading the magazines before its time for bed to prepare for tomorrow…


Goodnight people!