2016: Summary, Part 1


So this is the last days of 2016, This is the first part of 3 where I will write about my 2016 before we call in the new Year! Well it have been an intensive year with not only good stuff but also some serious stuff, a lot of work and many fun memories too! I moved to a new apartment in the city, where in a commercial had a photoshoot for a french magazine and had some chronicles in a newspaper and started off my new hobby cooking.


So this year my personal career took another turn I starred in a commercial about a ecological lifestyle. Which was super fun, and super important! As I said I also had a fun time shooting some new press pictures and had a photoshoot for a french magazine! The picture is taken by the great photographer Eddie Andersson whom I’m proud to call my friend! He’s one of those whom will appear on my thank you list.


I also started to share my passion for interior design and decoration with the world, my passion that will grow more during 2017. When you have an apartment you can change the interior MANY times, believe me during the past year i’ve been living here I have redecorated to many times… haha!


As you all know I’m a vegetarian soon to be Vegan and this year during my time as a chronicle writer for expanderad.se I decided to also start sharing my recipiece and food with the world. It’s a fun world of cooking and especially vegetarian food. This is something I will take with me in to the new year and expand and you’ll see the result of it! I can not tell you guys what I’m going to do during 2017 yet but soon you’ll see!

I also quitted 2 of my jobs and in january I’ll start a new adventure as I told you guys yesterday!  There are so many people I wanna thank for making my 2016 memorable, I’ll try to thank everyone in this summary but know you who you are and If you feel like you had a part of my 2016, thank you!


Stay tuned for part 2!


In my living room…

Fil 2016-10-30 20 08 29 Fil 2016-10-30 20 08 42

Its sunday and I’ve been working all week long and that means cleaning up the apartment… well It feels great to be done with the dishes and cleaning the apartment. I’ve done som redecorating and rearranging some stuff… I have got a few questions about my interior and designing in my apartment and I thought I should write and show you guys some pictures from my living room… I’m decorating with five colors, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black and white. A natural color scale with much metal and down to earth feeling. I’m also trying  to get some green color in a shape of plants.

Tomorrow its Monday again and I’m off to my new job again! FUN! I’ll also try to meet up with some friends this week. Have a great week everyone!

Fil 2016-10-30 20 20 17Fil 2016-10-30 20 08 14

Monday relaxation!

Fil 2016-09-26 15 04 54

Bought the wooden box at H&M Home, the glass bottles and salt and pepper pots at Granit. It looks so good in my kitchen!


New week, new possibilities! Its monday and i started this week with some monday relaxation, ate some crispbread from Katrin Zytomierskas Cleaneating (www.cleaneating.se). I bought them at her store in Stockholm but you can order it online to! picture of the products i bought down below! I also found my new favourite juice!! Innocent’s  Orange juice! Love it!  I also read VEGO Magazine’s new issue.

Later on I have a meeting with the local Unicef group, fun! Now I’m just doing some redecoration with the stuff I bought in stockholm this weekend!

Today I also started an course to take my entrepreneurship to the next level! stay tuned!


Have a great night everyone!

Fil 2016-09-26 15 05 57 Fil 2016-09-26 15 06 13Fil 2016-09-26 15 06 35

Breakfast luxuries!

Fil 2016-08-23 10 58 33

So I’ve been off from the blog for awhile, god it starting to become a casual thing… shame on me!

I’ve just enjoyed some breakfast luxuries with myself while bench watching “The secret life of the american teenager” remember that teenage drama? I think it’s important to take care of yourself from time to time, I’m not good at that but sometimes I succeed. So I bought some watermelon, bread and granola. As you know I also love to decorate my table while eating and I wanted to tell you about what I use and where I bought it. The plates are from Newport Home, the coffee mug from Gynning design by Carolina Gynning and the bread the kitchen towel from Lexington Company.

I started off this day with a doctor appointment early this morning, been working a lot of night shifts at the elder center these past week so it was hard to get up this morning. This week will be filled with mixed feelings, my best friend My is moving from town so it will be a bit empty but we’ll be alright, I have to take Calvin, the cat to the Vet this thursday so i’m kinda freaking out but hopefully he’ll be alright.

Today i’m focusing of doing some work with the organisation and my new project i’m working on, feeling creative so stay tuned of what i’m working on! I promise to tell you guys more about it soon. But what I can tell you, I’m really excited about it.

Hoping everyone has a great day!

Fil 2016-08-23 10 58 19Fil 2016-08-23 10 58 59

Something green!

Fil 2016-08-01 12 56 48

So I have done some redecorating and this is the result! I have put in some green colors and I like it! I also bought these golden candlesticks yesterday and i love them! what do you guys think? I think that the new thing is to put in something from the nature into your homes. don’t you think?

Fil 2016-08-01 12 57 07

I also change a few things in my hallway too! The lanterns are from Newport HOME. I’m a bit crazy with Newports interiors. Today I’m soon off to work, i’ve been working a lot these past months and I have a few intensive weeks left of hard work. In a few days I have huge News to tell you! Stay tuned!

Have a great day everyone!Fil 2016-08-01 12 57 39



It’s sunday and today is a work day for me, going to work with the organization today! but right now I had some time to write on the blog! been off this week but I’m trying to write on the blog as often as I can! I have been working all week long and yesterday was my first day of work this week but that day was booked too! I had lunch with  my grandma and then I took a coffee with Emelie whom is leaving me for Greece for a month…

The picture of the food is a Shrimp Salad, yes I eat shrimps from time to time. I’m a vegetarian who also eat much Vegan so I’m part time vegan and part time vegetarian haha!!

So, I was babysitting my cousins on friday night, the kids were asleep and I had chance to read the new issue of VEGO Magazine, Sweden’s first and biggest vegan Magazine!! I also listened to the VEGO podcast with the Kitty Jutbring and Mattias Kristiansson (Whom also created VEGO Magazine).

image image

Last night was all about me, I was cleaning and did some redecorating in my apartment but ended the day with a long shower and then a great series and my cat, Calvin. I change a few thing on my workplace, I put a small black candelabra on the desk and my repainted lamp. doesn’t it look great? I’m not sure I’ll keep it that way, I may change place with the amp and the candelabra, what do you guys think? I think the lamp I spray painted looks stunning! Love it, see what you can do by yourself!

Have a great day everyone!!


Another day of shopping

Fil 2016-06-12 20 20 58

Its sunday night and today I’ve spent the day with my grandma, shopping! I bought a shoe rack and a new coffee table. It wasn’t the one I had on my mind but when I saw this one I thought that this would look so good in my apartment and it did! Pictures on the shoe rack are coming but I need to do some redecoration in my hall first… haha! My outfit today was the blue Ralph Lauren shirt and my black jeans. Fil 2016-06-12 20 21 23

I have from time to time these past months I have listened to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills”, I love that song! so there are no surprise when I say that this song was the song to fill my ears and mind this morning.

Tomorrow I’ll enjoy my vacation, I’m back at work the 27th of june woho a few days off!!

I’m thinking about to watch a movie now to end this day!

see you guys soon!
Fil 2016-06-12 20 21 10



Fil 2016-06-03 12 37 22Hi guys! Its been a few days and today is a big day, its the day when it’s just 7 days until I graduate! I’m finally done! I have been studying to become an assistant nurse for 3 years now and next friday I’m done and today we kick off the celebrations!  What I’ll do next will be shown later on! But now the only thing on my mind will be to celebrate my graduation! My outfit this beautiful sunny day is, my Riley shirt and my black Lee jeans and my Tommy Hilfiger socks, I think I’m going to wear  my white Converse to finish up the outfit and of course my Calvin Klein sunglasses.  I know I’ve said it before but I love the Lexington Perfume!
Fil 2016-06-03 12 37 46

I haven’t talked so much about my parents on the blog but I felt like I had to do that today! I have the best parents in the world! I probably don’t tell them that as often as I should but hopefully they already know! They helped me so much and have done so much for me since I got sick back in january when I got to know that I have a benign brain tumor, that’s another thing I haven’t talked about on the blog but to show my love to my parents and to show what they have done I had to write about the tumor to! I’m on medications for my headache and I’m fine! but back to my wonderful parents, They have supported every decision I have made and stand by me even if I failed wonder what I had done if they weren’t there for me. I don’t know how to show how much I love them so I can just say I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD! and to finish off in the best way I have chosen to end this sentimental piece with a Kelly Clarkson song, “My life would suck without you”.

Fil 2016-06-03 12 55 47 Fil 2016-06-03 12 55 21

I finally finished my photo wall and I love it!! What do you guys think? all the prints are from desenio.se and the frames from IKEA. I also have some new ideas on changing interiors and I think it will look great in my apartment!

I have a question for all my readers, I got an email asking me to start vlogging and/or start a podcast, what do ya’ll think? good idea?

Have a great day now friends! I’m going to do some shopping before the kick off, bye!



Dream away!

Miami-Beach-Florida-1_photoSitting here looking at some travel agencies to decide where to go in vacation this fall. I’m thinking of maybe going to Miami, Kreta, Spain or maybe even Tirana, Albania. any ideas? I mean look at these beautiful pictures of Miami (above) and Kreta (Below)!! How amazing! This trip will be my way of thanking myself for all the hard work and my first trip alone actually! I have a new goal to not only have a great job that I love but to do something to challenge my fears and test my limits. do you guys have any goals like that? if yes, which?

Kreta I’ve had a rough day actually so its so much fun to look for trips and to dream away to another place. I went on a meeting with so much lack of democracy and I even have thought of stepping down as chair man for the committee due to the lack of respect and democracy. When I came home I watched some episodes of “Fuller House” love that show!

I’ve also done some redecorating in the bookcase I used the glas vase I bought from Newport and some black pencils to create a nice classy and  industrial look. what do you guys think?

Fil 2016-04-25 22 03 06Goodnight everyone and sleep tight!


Good Friday

Fil 2016-03-25 13 36 30

Hi guys!

I’ve been working a lot these past days but now I have some days off that I’m going to spend with friends and family.

By the moment I’m actually writing this blog post in my new workspace at home! I’m not finished with it yet but I really like it. I just need to buy a new chair and a frame and print to hang over the desk. The New York painting is for my photo wall so I just placed it on the desk until I’m getting a new painting.

Fil 2016-03-25 13 36 15

I had a photoshoot this Wednesday with the best photographer Eddie! The thing with having a photoshoot outside is you can’t change the weather… but we were lucky it only rained for a few minutes and then the sun showed up!

Here’s a sneak peek of what to come!

Eddie (1)

I ate a nice breakfast today with oatmeal and berries and of course coffee!!

This week has brought so many feelings with it… I’m talking about the bombings in Brussels and I’ve been trying to write about it but it brought so many feelings and I have to say something.

The world needs to stand together and fight against ISIS because we’ll never win the fight if we don’t stand together and that we can rely on the UN and bring back peace as we want it! We need to do something now and it’s sad that we had to realize that after the attacks in Paris and now Brussels. And my deepest condolences to all the people who have lost someone or been affected by the attack. My thoughts are with you….