Just had some breakfast and I’m now on my way to work! There isn’t many days left now! On Monday I’m starting my new job at the city hall!! I’ve had so much to do lately and I haven’t felt that good since Monday but I’m better today! Tonight it’s time to write on the book! First deadline on Sunday!

Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday morning


Good morning folks!

Im on my way to work! Just a couple of days left at Telia! Today’s schedule is long!

8-16:45 work at Telia

17:15-18:00 business phone meeting with Cityvaccin

the rest of the evening it’s writing time! I will now enter a intensive writing period! The deadline is just days away! So the upcoming days I will have to write at least two or three hours a day!

I also thought I should talk about my New Years Eve! I celebrated the new year with Emelie and we ate shellfish and cheesecake, it was so delicious, perfect way to celebrate the New Year! And as a designer I set the table!

Have a great day everyone!

IMG_1732 IMG_1736

2016: Summary, Part 1


So this is the last days of 2016, This is the first part of 3 where I will write about my 2016 before we call in the new Year! Well it have been an intensive year with not only good stuff but also some serious stuff, a lot of work and many fun memories too! I moved to a new apartment in the city, where in a commercial had a photoshoot for a french magazine and had some chronicles in a newspaper and started off my new hobby cooking.


So this year my personal career took another turn I starred in a commercial about a ecological lifestyle. Which was super fun, and super important! As I said I also had a fun time shooting some new press pictures and had a photoshoot for a french magazine! The picture is taken by the great photographer Eddie Andersson whom I’m proud to call my friend! He’s one of those whom will appear on my thank you list.


I also started to share my passion for interior design and decoration with the world, my passion that will grow more during 2017. When you have an apartment you can change the interior MANY times, believe me during the past year i’ve been living here I have redecorated to many times… haha!


As you all know I’m a vegetarian soon to be Vegan and this year during my time as a chronicle writer for I decided to also start sharing my recipiece and food with the world. It’s a fun world of cooking and especially vegetarian food. This is something I will take with me in to the new year and expand and you’ll see the result of it! I can not tell you guys what I’m going to do during 2017 yet but soon you’ll see!

I also quitted 2 of my jobs and in january I’ll start a new adventure as I told you guys yesterday!  There are so many people I wanna thank for making my 2016 memorable, I’ll try to thank everyone in this summary but know you who you are and If you feel like you had a part of my 2016, thank you!


Stay tuned for part 2!


Unicef, new job and food

Fil 2016-10-24 22 20 45

HI Guys!

So Today has been a busy day! First of all I held two lectures about Unicef for a large group of teenagers which went really good and I had to take a selfie in a very dirty mirror, sorry for that haha! I aso need a haircut!

Today was also my first day at my new job at Telia! fun fun fun! I think the first day went great! I’ve been celebrating my new job before I started to cook dinner!

Fil 2016-10-24 22 23 44
Fil 2016-10-24 22 23 27So due to my new work and me working all day long I decided to make the lunches for the week and I made a  total vegan spaghetti bolognese made with Qourn, sugar snaps and haricoverts. I took some picture of the cooking and I love cooking so be prepared for many recipies and pictures of me cooking on the blog.

Fil 2016-10-24 22 21 14


Fil 2016-10-24 22 22 03                 Fil 2016-10-24 22 22 21


This is the result of me doing som late night cooking, I’m actually very happy with the result and I hope it taste as good tomorrow as it did today!

Have a great night everyone!
Fil 2016-10-24 22 22 50