Good morning!


Good morning!

Last night I sat and went through some old pictures and came along this one from one of my happiest moments in life, 2014 a fashion gala in Stockholm. And look how handsome I was!!! I’m thinking of dying my hair like that again, what you think?

So I’m now at work and have much to do today! Hope you all will have a great day!

Sunday night!


This weekend has been great and well deserved! Started off with vegan nachos! Then I spent the whole Saturday writing, watching tv and just took it easy! Today has been all about shopping and meditation, I’ve said to myself to start a new lifestyle for me with finding myself. I’ve lived a stressful life these past years and I think that’s finally showing off in a bad way. I will now focus upon myself and what I like to do. To feel better and live better. So I made myself a smoothie and meditated almost the whole afternoon, totally worth it I promise!


So I made a pesto pasta with fresh pasta, which was amazing!

Today I bought 3 pare of jeans and some socks and a shirt tomorrow a new week with new possibilities! So I’m ending this week with popcorn,  watcher and “This is us”.

Have a great night everyone!

IMG_1905 IMG_1906



Good morning!

Been away for a few days but I’ve had so much to do with the book and my new job! But one thing that great is that the first deadline of the book has past and the publisher liked it! I’m so excited to share the book with you guys in October!!!

It’s my third day at the city hall and i love my job! Oh! I booked a trip to Prague in march! So much fun! It’s my second trip to Prague! This time I’m going together with Joakim!

I’m happier than I look on the picture haha! I just liked that random picture for some reason haha! Have a great day!

2016: summary, part 2


This is my part 2 of the summary of the year! This year has also been filled with happiness and joy. Much have happened, I got a cat whom sadly past away in August. Calvin the cat, never forgotten! It was hard just choosing one picture of home but this picture below is one of my favorites!


This year the blog turned 6 years old… wow what time flies by! The blog and I was honored a big interview in a newspaper. Th pictures below is tak n by the newspapers photographer Johnny Gustavsson! It was a pleasure posing for the newspaper! I couldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for you guys, all my wonderful and amazing readers/followers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! More exciting years to come!

IMG_4160 IMG_4161

One other amazing event this year was my graduation to be come a assistant nurse and of course the ball! Together with my amazing and most wonderful friend we danced at the ball! After many weeks of practice we made it! The picture below shows how amazing I and My looked that day! Sometime I wish I could turne back time again!


The third and last part of this years summary will be up soon!

2016: Summary, Part 1


So this is the last days of 2016, This is the first part of 3 where I will write about my 2016 before we call in the new Year! Well it have been an intensive year with not only good stuff but also some serious stuff, a lot of work and many fun memories too! I moved to a new apartment in the city, where in a commercial had a photoshoot for a french magazine and had some chronicles in a newspaper and started off my new hobby cooking.


So this year my personal career took another turn I starred in a commercial about a ecological lifestyle. Which was super fun, and super important! As I said I also had a fun time shooting some new press pictures and had a photoshoot for a french magazine! The picture is taken by the great photographer Eddie Andersson whom I’m proud to call my friend! He’s one of those whom will appear on my thank you list.


I also started to share my passion for interior design and decoration with the world, my passion that will grow more during 2017. When you have an apartment you can change the interior MANY times, believe me during the past year i’ve been living here I have redecorated to many times… haha!


As you all know I’m a vegetarian soon to be Vegan and this year during my time as a chronicle writer for I decided to also start sharing my recipiece and food with the world. It’s a fun world of cooking and especially vegetarian food. This is something I will take with me in to the new year and expand and you’ll see the result of it! I can not tell you guys what I’m going to do during 2017 yet but soon you’ll see!

I also quitted 2 of my jobs and in january I’ll start a new adventure as I told you guys yesterday!  There are so many people I wanna thank for making my 2016 memorable, I’ll try to thank everyone in this summary but know you who you are and If you feel like you had a part of my 2016, thank you!


Stay tuned for part 2!


On the road again…


Its ts Saturday and I’m on a train to Stockholm to spend the weekend with unicef! Fun fun fun!!

I had a few tasks to do last night but I made it and I actually got some sleep too haha! Well these interesting pictures are from two days ago I think when I where bored haha!

I’m now listen to music thinking of maybe watch a episode of “The bold and the beautiful” haha yes I’ve felt in the hole of soap operas!

Thw white long armed shirt is from Pull & Bear!

Today’s outfit; whit t-shirt from J. lindeberg and my Lexington jacket and my jeans from Lee and my new shoes! Pictures will come!

Have a great weekend everyone and take care of one and other!



imageGood morning!

Hope you had a better day then me yesterday! I went to do my hair at the hair salon but my regular hairdresser weren’t there and another guy whom I now think not was a hairdresser tried to cut my hair and I totally made it worst and I was so disappointed and looked horrible! So I had to go to another hairdresser and se if they could save me! They saved me, but it’s shorter and a bit different due to what he did to my hair… Studies bitch! But I’m glad that the other hairdresser could save me! The picture shows the saved hair and I won’t post a picture on what he did!

Today then?

I’m on my way to work and later today I’m going to meet up with a friend! It’s raining but I hope this day will be better!

See you guys soon!

Spare time!

Fil 2016-07-04 21 45 02

So I have had a lot of spare time today because I have two days off from work! I got some more hours of sleep and started the day with watching “Friends” in bed! After lunch I met a friend in the city and we did some shopping and took a coffee. I’m now ending the day watching some speeches from our politicians in Almedalen… Something has gone terribly wrong i Sweden, our politicians has gone wild and seems to don’t give a shit and make terrible new laws and decisions. I’m ashamed of what happens in the political level in Sweden. Sweden needs new younger politicians NOW! I know that I will get many angry faces after I’ve published this but I don’t care, It’s time to do something with the position we’re in. I will later on write more about this. Young people can so a tip for all the elder politicians of Sweden; LISTEN TO US FOR GOD’S SAKE! Fil 2016-07-04 21 44 50

So, what have I bought?! well… I finally bought Carolina Gynnings wonderful coffee mugs! Aren’t they beautiful? LOVE ‘EM!I also bought a black modern candelabra with black candles. You can see the candelabra and the coffee mugs below!

Tomorrow I’ll do some cleaning and tasks at home but also have time to rest and relax before its time to go back to work on wednesday evening.

Have a great night everyone!
Fil 2016-07-04 21 45 13 Fil 2016-07-04 21 45 23



Hi guys!

I’m on my way home to my parents now! I’ve just started work again after the vacation but I’m off work for two days now!

I’m so in love with my Lexington jacket!

Todays outfit; Henry Lloyd shirt and my Lexington jacket and of course my black Lee jeans and my white converse and CK Sunglasses!

As the picture says you’ll think that you’re on a difficult road but when you reach your destination you’ll only see the beautiful reality! I have started reading motivational quotes everyday to stay motivated and keep on reaching for my goals, what give you motivation? Send your ideas to me at or comment below!


Have a great day everyone!

The Interview is out!

Fil 2016-06-16 14 50 53


So the interview is out in the paper today! It’s crazy that the blog celebrates 6 years tomorrow, unbelievable! So, I’m sitting here in bed watching some series on Netflix and thinking of what I have done these past 6 years and just these past 3 years, what I’ve become and achieved. I have yet much to do and explore and I think the article shows that side of me.

So how has my day been? well…  it all started with the TV-repair guy who couldn’t fix the problem… then I meet Emelie and took a coffee and bought a chromecast, wonderful thing.  so as I said I and my cat are enjoying some episodes of some new Netflix serie.

AND JUST IN: I may have booked a vacation to Corfu, Greece in september. Good Idea?

So tomorrow the blog turns 6 years and I’m turning one year older… haha! And a tip, you’ll see lot off me during the upcoming year… stay tuned!

Goodnight everyone!