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Albin Sjöberg is a Swedish entrepreneur and blog writer. He’s eighteen years old born on the 17th of June 1997, living in a small town called  Linköping in Sweden. Albin works with some companies and organizations in Sweden and the US. Since September 2013 Albin’s the Chair man of UNICEF Linköping. Albin have done some acting in local productions and in small indie low budget movies ones that premiers in Linköping in February 2015. Albin have done commercials in swedish for Linköping City during 2016 ( https://youtu.be/w88guRup7C0 ).

Albin has since 2009 been a blog writer and have through the years blog about his life, fashion, modelling and his career and many more things. In December 2011 and  September 2012 Albin got two awards for his blog from a small association called BlogkomenterAwards that was giving out awards for bloggers in Sweden back in 2011-2013.fghj

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