Sunday night!


This weekend has been great and well deserved! Started off with vegan nachos! Then I spent the whole Saturday writing, watching tv and just took it easy! Today has been all about shopping and meditation, I’ve said to myself to start a new lifestyle for me with finding myself. I’ve lived a stressful life these past years and I think that’s finally showing off in a bad way. I will now focus upon myself and what I like to do. To feel better and live better. So I made myself a smoothie and meditated almost the whole afternoon, totally worth it I promise!


So I made a pesto pasta with fresh pasta, which was amazing!

Today I bought 3 pare of jeans and some socks and a shirt tomorrow a new week with new possibilities! So I’m ending this week with popcorn,  watcher and “This is us”.

Have a great night everyone!

IMG_1905 IMG_1906

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