2016: Summary, part 3; The final countdown!








This is the final countdown, the last part of my 2016 summary! This year I also became the youngest chairman of Youth Kids International in history! I’ve worked with this organization for 3 years and at the 2016 annual meeting I got elected as the chairman of the board. A job I just thought of but never actually saw me in! My period as the chairman was short just 4 months later I stepped down as the chairman due to the differences on the board and the internal fights I had to handle all the time. I didn’t feel appreciated.


So after a long time of thinking I stepped down as the chairman a decision I was proud of! I haven’t regretted it and my work for everyone’s rights will continue in different ways!


This year I also traveled to Corfu, Greece! Wonderful island and I will definitely be back again! The hotel was amazing and we had all inclusive so that was nice!


So with this picture below with the champagne in the sun at Corfu I’ll wish you all a Happy new Year!


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