Some sort of famliy day!


It’s saturday night and I’m watching “The Good Wife” which is a great series btw! Today have been all about family time! started the day by doing some christmas shopping with my grandma and my sister which was fun! The we spent the day with the family and my grandma her brother with family and my great grandma at her place which was fun until we started talk about politics… well I don’t know why we always has to talk about political matters… We have NEVER and I mean never agreed to anything, there’s a BIG difference on which side we’re on in the political line so WHY shall we always talk political matters? So I have decided to make a “comeback” politically and start getting my voice heard again!

Last night I catched a movie that I thought was the movie “The backup plan” but it was “the 10 years plan” which is not the one starring Jennifer Lopez… but still it wasn’t a bad movie though!

I’m going to continue watch “The Good Wife” now and maybe write a page or two on the book, deadline is coming!


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