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Good morning!

Todays schedule is full of fun!!

I’m on my way for a meeting at the city hall and afterwards I’m having a phone meeting with the publisher about my upcoming book! Fun! After that, another phone meeting with my business coach and the company I’m involved in! Later today it’s time for work until 9. A long day ahead!

Tomorrow it’s finally time for me to go back to the gym and live a more healthier lifestyle again! I know that I probably won’t be this excited a few days in but for now I am!

I don’t know if you guys remember but two years ago I started a company and a campaign against how model agencies treat people and their models,  I was dropped from a model agancy because a weight 3 kilos to much according to them… that sick! I haven’t talked about it but it’s something that have been hunting me since! I wanna warn people that wanna do modeling! It’s a sick business as it is now and I won’t stop until it have changed!! Together we can make a change and let go of the obsession of weight in the world of models! You can look good anyway! You’re not modeling your weight your modeling your look!

Have a great day now folks!

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