Hi peepz!

Today has been all about work at the office but it was fun! I have such a amazing job! after work I met my mom and had dinner with her which was so much fun, my mom is so wonderful and so important for me! I’ve also decided that I’m going back to witting in Swedish, I will keep the english blog running to but I’ve decided together with my amazing PR, Simon! I won’t let you guys down but I have to keep up with my swedish readers and especially when my book will hit the stores later this year. So this is a step in my career so It won’t be the last time i write on this blog! and feel free to follow my swedish blog too!! When it’s all done I’ll link it here! Thank you for your support!



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Writers cramp…


Happy Sunday everyone!! I´ve been away from the blog for a while and I’m really sorry for that but haven’t had the motivation to write after I got some really mean comments but I won’t give up! I’m back where I wanna be! It’s been a couple of intense weeks with my new job which I love! So much going on in my life that I wanna tell you but It have to wait a bit longer! So today will be all about walking around in sweats and writing on the book! what will you do this sunday? I may have to break for a walk later on! I’m now gonna refill my cup with some coffee and continue to write.

Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning!

I’m on my way to Stockholm for a two days conference to represent Linköping city on a national conference. Right away afterwards I’m off to another place I Stockholm for a conference and education with unicef sweden! Fun days upon! Been working a lot these days. I’m on the train by the moment and I have read all my chronicles that I wrote for expanderad.se last year, the newspaper is shutting down so I went down memory lane, I left the newspaper in may 2016.

The picture is form last Friday when I ate lunch with Jocke at “Hälsofreak” great vegetarian food!

Have a great day now everyone!

Over and out!

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Good morning!


Good morning!

Last night I sat and went through some old pictures and came along this one from one of my happiest moments in life, 2014 a fashion gala in Stockholm. And look how handsome I was!!! I’m thinking of dying my hair like that again, what you think?

So I’m now at work and have much to do today! Hope you all will have a great day!

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Sunday night!


This weekend has been great and well deserved! Started off with vegan nachos! Then I spent the whole Saturday writing, watching tv and just took it easy! Today has been all about shopping and meditation, I’ve said to myself to start a new lifestyle for me with finding myself. I’ve lived a stressful life these past years and I think that’s finally showing off in a bad way. I will now focus upon myself and what I like to do. To feel better and live better. So I made myself a smoothie and meditated almost the whole afternoon, totally worth it I promise!


So I made a pesto pasta with fresh pasta, which was amazing!

Today I bought 3 pare of jeans and some socks and a shirt tomorrow a new week with new possibilities! So I’m ending this week with popcorn,  watcher and “This is us”.

Have a great night everyone!

IMG_1905 IMG_1906

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Good morning!

Where did the time go?! I’ve been soo bad at updating my blog and I’m sorry for that! Thank you Danielle for reminding me!! These past days has been filled with so much and I have been super busy! I have as you know started a new job at the city hall and with that and other commitments the time haven’t been enough… on top of that I have the book to write which is super fun!

Now I’m on my way to work and I totally love my new job! I played with the camera a few days ago and below you can  see the results haha!

Have a great day everyone!


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Good morning!

Been away for a few days but I’ve had so much to do with the book and my new job! But one thing that great is that the first deadline of the book has past and the publisher liked it! I’m so excited to share the book with you guys in October!!!

It’s my third day at the city hall and i love my job! Oh! I booked a trip to Prague in march! So much fun! It’s my second trip to Prague! This time I’m going together with Joakim!

I’m happier than I look on the picture haha! I just liked that random picture for some reason haha! Have a great day!

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Just had some breakfast and I’m now on my way to work! There isn’t many days left now! On Monday I’m starting my new job at the city hall!! I’ve had so much to do lately and I haven’t felt that good since Monday but I’m better today! Tonight it’s time to write on the book! First deadline on Sunday!

Have a great day everyone!


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Back to life!


Hi guys!

It have been a long week with much work and now I’ve finally spent a weekend without work! This Friday is my last day to work at Telia! New things to come!

Today the annual general meeting season starts, I have a lot of genral meetings in my calendar this years as always! It will be 3 busy months with many meetings! I’m also one of the few that actually likes annual meetings, haha!

This weekend has been all about fun! Spent the Saturday night with my former colleagues whom I love! Much to drink and last night was all about feeling bad for how I drank during the party haha!

It’s time to work now so have a great day!


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Tuesday morning


Good morning folks!

Im on my way to work! Just a couple of days left at Telia! Today’s schedule is long!

8-16:45 work at Telia

17:15-18:00 business phone meeting with Cityvaccin

the rest of the evening it’s writing time! I will now enter a intensive writing period! The deadline is just days away! So the upcoming days I will have to write at least two or three hours a day!

I also thought I should talk about my New Years Eve! I celebrated the new year with Emelie and we ate shellfish and cheesecake, it was so delicious, perfect way to celebrate the New Year! And as a designer I set the table!

Have a great day everyone!

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